Upcoming classes



In April, I’ll be teaching “The Mechanics of Comics and Graphic Novels” online (via Zoom) through the Richard Hugo House. This is an introductory class for anyone interested in making comics regardless of drawing ability or experience; it starts on April 17, and runs for six consecutive Saturdays (from 1:10 to 3:10 PST). Check out the class listing here for more information on the class, and a link to register (you can read more about the writing center in general at hugohouse.org). 

After teaching comics/graphic novels via Zoom for a full year now, I’ve really gotten comfortable with the platform after having to learn it on the fly in 2020. While I miss being able to peek over my students’ shoulders to see what they’re working on, I’ve found the secure site Padlet.com to be a simple and useful substitute for my students to share their work and give/get feedback – so we’ll rely on it for this class. It’s free to sign up for the platform and easy & intuitive to use without any prior familiarity.