McLeod Residence

McLeod Residence

In 2007, I drew some character designs for the amazing and unique Seattle bar/gallery space McLeod Residence. Its website had a quasi- social network feature which assigned users a different animal/color/trait symbol based on their response to a short list of questions — sort of (but not exactly) like an astrological sign (I don’t recall what the logic was behind how these were assigned). From left to right, the concepts I was asked to illustrate are: rational olive whale; lucky blue polar bear; sensual goldrenrod octopus; creative turquoise fox; visionary purple snail; intuitive tangerine penguin; wealthy red owl; risk-taking yellow jellyfish; emotional green alpaca; sociable indigo bee; healthy orange albatross; and aesthetic merlot butterfly.

Published by greg stump

Artist, writer, and teacher.

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