I Don’t Really Feel Like it

I Don't Really Feel Like it

Since drawing this strip in 2005, I’ve gone on (somewhat misguidedly?) to do a graphic novel-length “story” with these characters. At some point I’ll post an excerpt from that book (Disillusioned Illusions), but I’ve got a few more short strips as well.

Published by greg stump

Artist, writer, and teacher.

3 thoughts on “I Don’t Really Feel Like it

    1. Ha! Thanks again for the compliments, that’s really nice to hear… I have to ascribe some aspects of my drawing style to working at afterschool programs several years ago. Making lots of quick drawings for kids got me adept at drawing with Crayola markers, and the thick tips encourage focusing on composition rather than detail.

      So yeah — Crayola markers, plus lots of tracing paper, for rough drafts … that’s my recipe.

      1. Hey, I just got your e-mail. I’d love to exchange art with you! It’s been a while since I’ve painted, so I’ll get back onto it.

        So, crayons were the reason you’re great? Need to buy a box now… 🙂

        Haven’t really been near a computer to respond.

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